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Challenge for moments in time with your threesome (or moresome)

What to do:
1. Join the community
2. Make your claim
3. Give us the link to your table and your tag
4. Start writing and posting
5. When done, let us know.

To the Prompt Tables
To the claims list
Drop a claim here
Finished your table? Tell us here to join the hall of fame
Ask any questions not answered in the profile here


What can I claim?
A threesome or moresome

How many things can I claim?
No more than three claims at once and we'd prefer it if you split the claim between fandoms.

Can I write with a partner?
Of course. As many as you want, but I would prefer that if you're writing in a group, every member of the group was involved with writing every fic.

How many people can claim something?
Sticking with the theme of three, three claims for each triad/moresome

What's the minimum or maximum length?
50 word minimum, no maximum length

What ratings are accepted here?
Any and all. Just give adequate warnings

Are crossovers and AUs allowed?
Of course. Have fun with the AU. If you're writing crossovers, keep it to less than half the prompts or claim it as a crossover.

Is Real Person Fic allowed?

Can I use previously written fic?
Sure. But, again, for less than half the prompts please.

Can I use multiple prompts for one story.
We'd rather not. If you're writing an epic and each chapter gets a prompt, that's a little different, just include that in the authors notes or something.

Do I have to write them in order?
Absolutely not.

Can I apply fic to more than one challenge?
It's okay with us as long as it's okay with the other community that you're writing for.

Does my threesome/moresome have to be in the story?
Yes. They don't need to be the absolute main focus, but they need to be a part of it.

Can I claim a single character or a pairing?
No to the pairing, sorry. If you want to claim a single character and have him/her a part of various triads, you can do that, but more than one triad has to be used throughout the challenge.

Are there any deadlines?
Deadlines? What are those? No but if you're not posting and there's a wait for the claim, I'll contact you to see if you're still interested.

Headers and cuts:
Please us a full header including: Title, authors, rating, disclaimer and summary. LJ-cuts are necessary and needed for the text, but do not hide the header behind the cut. Feel free to use a fake cut to link to somewhere else.

Yes please, but stay consistent. Triad/Moresome, fandom, rating, etc.

1. No flaming! - Respect your fellow writers
2. All ratings, all fandoms are found here. If you don't like something, don't read it